Best Contractor for Parking Lot Striping | Workers paint parking lot stripes on new asphalt.  B

Sometimes, you realize that your parking lot has gone into disrepair. Your parking lot is the first thing people notice when approaching your business, and first impressions are important. A professional parking lot painter can paint aesthetic regulation lines to maximize beauty and spacing in the lot. There are a large variety of professional services to choose from. Here’s how to get the best contractor for parking lot striping.

Safety First

As you begin researching parking lot striping companies, prioritize a service that makes safety its number one concern. The health of your employees, customers, and contractors is second to none. A good contractor talks about their approach to safety through their website, social media pages, and anywhere else they communicate to the public.

Upfront and Accurate Quotes

An experienced parking lot striping company will measure your parking area and give you an accurate quote. These companies have been in the business for years and understand the work involved, the proper way to anticipate expenditure, and how to get accurate measurements. Most companies will offer a transparent guide to their quoting system, including a cost per square foot or cost per hour for basic services on their website.

High-Quality Paint and Equipment

You get what you pay for in parking lot paint. You may be able to get away with a couple of cans of spray paint from the local hardware store and simply paint over what you have already. But these spray paints only last a few months at best. Quality parking lot striping should last years at the least.

There are several different styles of parking lot paint, each for a specific purpose. If you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of parking lot paint, it can be almost impossible to choose the correct one for your situation. A professional service will use high-quality paints that provide high brightness, visibility, durability, life span, and won’t hurt the environment. These companies will also have the equipment you don’t have access to, including a dustless blasting machine to quickly and efficiently remove old paint and the proper array of stencils for clean lines regardless of parking lot style.

ADA Regulations

If you hire a work hand from an untrustworthy site to stripe your parking lot, you may later find out that they aren’t familiar with the regulations set by the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. The ADA created special federal and local guidelines that every business must conform to, including a business’s parking lot. A well-established company specializing in parking lot striping is well-versed in these regulations. Hiring a good contractor can ensure you won’t be receiving a letter from the government about poorly painted parking spaces.

Friendly Service

When researching contractors, nothing beats friendly service. The best companies handle each situation with class and a smile. You need a service that responds quickly with all the necessary information.

If you’re in need of parking lot repair, use this guide to find the best contractor for the job. You may need to find additional parking for up to 24 hours while the work is being performed.

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