Woman in Yellow Shirt Pressure Washing a Black Vehicle

People often confuse the terms pressure washing and power washing, but are they really different? Are the two terms interchangeable?  The short answer is that they are very similar but different. 

What Is Power Washing?

Power washers use an extremely high pressure hose that sprays very hot water to remove grime and other materials from outside surfaces. The heat combined with high pressure makes the power washer very effective at removing sticky products from hard surfaces. Residues like mildew, salt, mold, and scale come off with ease. The added heat of a power washer makes them the perfect tool for removing chewing gum from concrete. Grease stains on a driveway, workshop, or garage floor are also no match. Power washers are particularly good at cleaning decks, outdoor patios, driveways, and other outdoor surfaces.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washers are the things most people use at home. It uses a similar high-pressure water hose, but it doesn’t heat the water. Though there is no added heat element, a pressure washer still does a great job at spraying away dirt. However, pressure washers aren’t the best for removing moss, mold, or other stuck-on materials. Experts usually recommend going with a reputable company that offers power washing services such as NTS Contractors if it’s a big job.

woman pressure washing automobile at car wash

The Difference between Pressure Washing and Power Washing

Pressure washers and power washers use a comparable amount of pressure to get the job done. The amount of pressure is usually determined by the engine or pump the machine uses. A household washer will typically have a lower pressure threshold than an industrial unit. 

The major difference is the added heating element of a power washer. Both products create a high-pressure blast of water, but a power washer heats the water first. This shouldn’t be considered a small difference either. The heated water makes a power washer much more effective and changes the way the machine is used. 

When Is the Best Time to Power Wash?

Power washing can dramatically change the look of a home, but that’s only one of its benefits. Clearing mold build-up or seasonal plants that shoot through the cracks in concrete patios and driveways is another. So when is the best time to power wash?

Winter comes with a bitter cold that is hard on several parts of a home. The changing of temperatures, ice, and snow impact building materials and surfaces. If someone lives in a part of the world that experiences very harsh winters, they may want to power wash twice a year—one time before winter and once after. Power washing a home twice a year will help prepare it for winter and restore it after several weeks of rain, snow, or hail. Washing in the spring and fall means a more comfortable time and will leave the work largely untouched by inclement weather. 

When done right, power washing removes health hazards such as mildew and mold. Most often it’s used to get rid of debris and unsightly build-ups. Give NTS contractors a call today to get one of the best power washing services in the business.