Parking Lot Striping & Other Servces offered by NTS Contractors

NTS Contractors offers a variety of services for all your parking lot maintenance needs.

Blue ADA parking stencil

ADA Signage

We support the ADA 100%. We believe every business should have proper signage displayed to help anyone with a disability. ADA is a federal law, and having the correct signage in the right locations of your parking lot makes a huge statement about who you are as a company.

Pavement striper machine spraying white straight line

Parking Lot Striping

No one does striping like us. Whether it is new parking lot striping or restriping your parking lot, we will do it the right way the first time. We abide by all rules, regulations, and codes. We make sure your parking lot has ADA signage, limiting your liability and keeping it accessible to every person.

Man leveling spreading wet concrete. | concrete repair company in rockwall, tx

Concrete Repairs

Our experts know first-hand how important it is to have your parking lot look its best! Whether it’s a concrete patch, concrete sealing, speed bump repair, ADA ramps, or just making sure your curbside appearance looks fantastic, we do it all!

High powered water clearing sidewalk

Power Washing

Your parking space is the first thing customers view when entering your place of business. We take great pride in making your curb appeal look as good as it did when you first opened your doors. Whether it’s your parking lot, sidewalks, drive-throughs, etc., when it comes to power washing, our team uses the best pressure washing system technology. Our high rinse power wash ensures all residues are removed.

Handrails along sidewalk in front of street


Are you unsure if you need handrails, or if yours are within code? Handrails provide safe access for your customers and your team members into your business. Our handrails are custom fit to your parking lot needs, as well as code requirements. Our team will physically go and evaluate what will work best for your business and your area to ensure you are within regulations.

Two black gates enclosing commercial dumpster.

Dumpster Gate Repair

Are your dumpster gates not closing like they should? When using our services, you will experience the work of well-trained professionals who will take your old dumpster gates and repair them to work like new again. Your staff will appreciate the improved functionality of the gates, and your customers in Dallas / Fort Worth will enjoy the new professional look!

Yellow PARKING stenciling in dark pavement with horizontal and vertical crossing yellow painted lines

Custom Stenciling

NTS Contractors partners the highest quality pavement stenciling with your custom design to give your business the most professional appearance from the driveway to the front door!

Construction worker blasting high powered stream of sand and water

Sand Blasting

Our process is simple! We apply a high-velocity force of sand directly to the surface of the object. This cleans, smooths, and etches the area it is targeting. NTS Contractors are highly skilled in blast cleaning, making your objects look like new again.

Sign in front of business "Accessible Route Around Planter"


Proper signage is critical for keeping order in private or public parking lots, driveways, and on public roads. The benefits that stem from proper signage are numerous! It is key in organizing traffic flow on public roads by providing key visual cues to impending driving situations. Signage in parking areas provides important information to assist both foot and motorized traffic in making safe directional travel and parking decisions.

Yellow wheel stops in empty parking lot

Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops provide protection for you and your customers, and will reduce any liability for accidents. It doesn’t matter what length; these are a must have in your parking space! We will come in and make sure you have the right size for your needs, or simply come and repair those you currently have.

Yellow and black striped speed bump in road next to grassy area behind black fence.

Speed Bumps

We strongly recommend you add speed bumps to your drive-through and parking areas. For the safety of your customers and team members, install speed bumps and reduce the risk of collisions and accidents. The safety of your customers and team members is our highest priority!

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