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In a perfect world, a driveway or approach would last forever. In reality, the materials used to construct both concrete driveways and approaches can wear out over time, resulting in cracks and damage. When this occurs, the owner of the driveway or approach must either remove and replace the concrete or have it repaired. When repair is a viable option, it’s often cheaper and faster than tearing out the existing concrete, so it’s worth considering.

Concrete Driveways and Approaches

Driveways provide access from a road to a property, while approaches are ramp-style sections that may not lead into a driveway. Public sidewalks are required to have approaches to allow for the mobility-impaired to utilize them, and they must be in good condition. People who rely on wheelchairs to get around need approaches to be able to access a walkway or road that sits at a different level than another surface, such as going from a road to a sidewalk after crossing a street.

Both driveways and approaches are often made of concrete. The approach that leads into a driveway allows for a vehicle to enter a property without having to drive over a raised curb and potentially cause damage to the wheels or underbody. If the approach or driveway becomes damaged, it may be more difficult to use and create issues for those who rely on these elements to get to where they need to go. 

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Most Common Damages Incurred to Concrete Driveways and Approaches

Concrete may crack when exposed to harsh weather conditions or if a tree root located beneath the slab starts to shift. The process of soil compaction before the concrete pour can also play a role in the longevity of the driveway or approach, as improper compaction can leave gaps that cause the slab to sink to a lower level. Sinking and raising are additional problems that can occur to concrete, which causes the surface to be uneven and create a safety risk. The quality of the materials used to create the slab can play a role in its longevity. 

Steps to Fix Damages

Damaged concrete can often be repaired, and the chances of a successful repair go up when a skilled concrete contractor handles the work. If the concrete surface has small cracks or holes, discoloration, or sunken or raised sections, these areas can often be resurfaced or patched to provide a smooth surface once again. At NTS Contractors, the technicians have the skills and experience to perform a range of concrete repairs, including those located on driveways, approaches, speed bumps, and ramps. 

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Why NTS Contractors?

NTS Contractors serves a range of industries, including apartment complexes, multifamily housing, industrial facilities, office buildings, restaurants, and warehouses. Each of these locations must maintain safe and accessible driveways and approaches to cater to their clients and tenants. 

For more information about concrete services and the work NTS Contractors can do on the driveways and approaches at a facility or on a road, reach out directly to speak to a member of the team.