Cement flowing at construction site

Concrete is a critical material used in a variety of applications in the construction world. knowing how to calculate the amount of concrete needed can be a challenge, especially for new pourers. Click here to learn more about the concrete formula and how to apply it. People walk and drive on concrete every day, and it’s also used to construct large buildings and walls. But damaged concrete can create big problems for a business or a municipality responsible for maintaining the surface. One option for this issue is to bring in an experienced contractor to perform concrete repair.

cement patching

Concrete Patch

Cracked, rough, and uneven concrete can be resolved with an effective solution known as a concrete patch. The process of patching concrete involves chiseling out the damaged area, including any cracked or crumbling portions of the concrete. From there, an experienced concrete contractor will clean off the surface and moisten the area. The final step is placing the patch material over the damaged section, smoothing it out, and allowing it to dry according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

A concrete patch is a cost-effective alternative to tearing out and replacing an entire section of damaged concrete. It’s also a proven method for resolving cracks, bumps, and rough areas that deliver long-lasting results

Concrete Sealing

Another problem that many people face is the absorption of liquid materials into concrete. Since concrete is an absorbent surface, it can soak up oil spills and other liquids, leaving behind stains and unsightly messes. Trying to clean the affected area won’t do much once the liquid has soaked into the concrete, but an option to prevent this type of damage from happening in the first place is having the concrete professionally sealed.

Concrete sealing helps to prevent surface damage, staining, and corrosion. The material used to seal the concrete can either block the pores that absorb liquid or form a layer over the top of the surface that restricts other materials from passing through it. High-quality concrete sealers can block up to 99% of moisture from penetrating the concrete surface, providing an incredible layer of protection.

Man Carrying Gray Pipe pouring cement

ADA Ramps

ADA ramps provide access to buildings and other facilities for those who rely on wheelchairs and walkers. In order to maintain an ADA-compatible facility, the owner must ensure that all ramps are easily accessible and properly maintained. Damage to a ramp could make it harder for someone to access the building or increase the risk of a fall.

Speed Bump Repair

Many roads and their elements are made of concrete throughout the United States. Speed bumps added to the surface of a road to slow down drivers can become damaged over time, requiring professional repair. If the concrete used to make the speed bump has holes and cracks, those driving over it may feel the jolt in their vehicle and even incur automotive damage, which will cause concerns and frustration.

Having speed bump repair performed at the first sign of damage can reduce the potential for vehicle problems and other issues. Choose an experienced contractor who can perform a patch or fill in the damaged areas to create a smooth surface for drivers.

Why NTS Contractors?

Concrete repair is an essential service that the team at NTS Contractors can handle at any type of facility. Our business delivers affordable and professional concrete repair services, performing at the highest degree of workmanship standards to ensure an excellent result. If you need concrete repaired at your facility, contact us today.