concrete sealing

Many homes, buildings, and other structures use concrete in different aspects of their construction, including foundation, porches, pathways, and more. Though concrete, when mixed and poured properly, is strong and reliable, it can also experience damage like cracks and erosion. You can complete the repairs yourself with some DIY tips, or you can trust professionals to fix it for you. Here are three reasons you should go with the professionals instead of the DIY method for concrete repair:

Save Time and Money

Do-it-yourself techniques require you to have the skills to effectively repair the concrete, but it can take a lot of training and practice to actually do it right. There’s also a higher risk that you, or the non-professional you trust to complete the DIY job for you, mess up or just don’t do it right. This can take more time and money in the long run.

That’s what makes going with professionals great — professionals complete training and gain years of on-the-job practice to gain the skills needed to assess damage, develop a repair plan, secure the right materials, and apply the materials efficiently and correctly. This experience also helps them complete the job efficiently, so it gets done faster. And, with someone else doing it for you, you don’t need to purchase materials and tools to correct the damage yourself.

Experience Means More Reliable and Durable Repair

DIY concrete repair can result in poor results that don’t last or even cause more harm than good. When concrete professionals handle the damage, concrete is more likely to last much longer and less likely to be affected by further damage in the future. It’s also less likely to have mistakes, so you know the job is done right. That’s because they know which materials, tools, and techniques to use to fix damage or level out concrete, increasing the likelihood that the job will be done as effectively as possible.

Increase Your Property Value and Longevity

It’s always a good idea to fix concrete damage in a building, especially if you ever plan to resell the property. Fixing the damage can improve curb appeal and even structural integrity (if the concrete repair is done on part of a building’s or structure’s foundation), which translates to higher property value. Plus, getting it fixed right means that the property can last longer, which can increase property value, especially if you have proof that it was fixed by a professional.

Since DIY concrete repair can result in less reliable or sturdy results, inspectors can often identify these DIY projects and let buyers know that they may have to pay for that, which can decrease the value of your property. Or, you may be required to pay for it as part of the selling agreement.

In all cases, it’s better to let the professionals handle any concrete repairs so that a structure, pathway, or other concrete form stays strong for as long as possible. And if you need a sturdy group of contractors for your real estate business, trust the professionals at NTS Contractors to help you secure clients.