Man Standing on Parking Lot | importance of parking lot striping

Parking lot striping is key for a business’s professional appearance and allows easy access to the property for employees, customers, tenants, and other visitors. Parking lot markings fade over time from exposure to elements like rain, snow, and UV rays from the sun. A well-maintained and clearly marked parking lot ensures suitable parking conditions for visitors and employees, improves the functionality of the business’s parking lot, and increases safety on the property. Keep reeding to learn more about the importance of parking lot striping.

Enhances Appearance of the Property

Curb appeal is an important part of making a good impression as a business. Dingy or faded parking lot stripes detract from a building’s appearance, while freshly striped parking lots look well-kept and professional. Appearance makes an impression on people, and one study claims that 95% of customers stated that the exterior of a business had a direct impact on where they shopped.

Maximizes Number of Parking Spots

People tend to park farther away from each other when parking lots aren’t properly striped or when the lines have faded to prevent their cars from getting hit by the doors of other cars. Clear guidelines for where to park allows maximum use of the available space in a parking lot. Professional contractors use the standard stall measurements and the size of the lot to determine how many parking spots can fit in the lot.

Improves Safety for Pedestrians and Drivers

Well-striped parking lots improve safety for both pedestrians and drivers. Parking areas are safer with directional flow indicators and clearly marked entrances, exits, parking lanes, and walkways. Clear lot markings guide traffic flow and reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Painted walkways and pedestrian crossings keep visitors and employees out of the line of traffic and away from unloading zones.

Provides Compliance to Government Regulations

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations list specific guidelines for parking lot striping for accessible parking for those with disabilities. The regulations specify proper handicapped parking lane sizes and markings, signage, and striped walkways for pedestrians. Businesses must comply with federal, state, and local parking lot regulations to avoid fines and penalties.

Reduces Liability

If an accident occurs, the property owner may be held liable for personal injuries that happen on the property due to improper lot striping. Proper striping reduces the risk of liability when accidents take place in the parking lot.

An ideal time for striping a parking lot is after it is freshly seal coated. Depending on local weather conditions and the use of the lot, a parking lot should be seal coated and repainted every one to three years to maintain its best appearance.

Why Choose NTS Contractors?

It’s important for businesses to have effective parking lot striping for many reasons, including safety and functionality. However, a properly marked parking lot also looks more inviting and appealing to customers, prospects, and staff.

NTS Contractors specializes in parking lot striping for apartment complexes, restaurants, offices, warehouses, and industrial buildings. If the parking lot has any damage, such as cracks or holes, it’s necessary to repair those before painting the parking lot stripes. NTS Contractors also performs concrete repair and a variety of other professional services for commercial properties, including signage, speed bumps, and handrails.