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A parking lot is a vital addition to many types of structures, from commercial facilities to multifamily housing units. Drivers need a place to park their vehicles when shopping in a store, picking up an order, or returning home for the evening, and a designated lot is the ideal place for parking. It’s important to make sure that the spaces are clearly marked for vehicles to ensure a safe parking experience for all who use the lot. 

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What Is Parking Lot Striping?

Parking lot striping involves painting the stripes that organize the flow of traffic and mark the stalls and areas designated for vehicles to park. Effective parking lot striping includes durable and visible lines that indicate the stalls for vehicles as well as arrows for entrances, exits, and direction flow; ADA-compatible parking spaces near the entrance to the structure; and fire lane areas. Contractors often use water-based acrylic traffic paint for striping, as it can withstand exposure to the elements while remaining visible. 

When to Stripe a Parking Lot

A newer parking lot can be striped as soon as the concrete or asphalt surfaces have dried and are ready for vehicles to drive over them. If the paint has worn off an existing parking lot, it is important to re-stripe the lot as soon as possible. 

Drivers who become used to the look of a parking lot may not realize when new striping is necessary. Some of the signs that it’s time to re-stripe a lot include sloppy parking jobs, lines that aren’t visible in certain weather conditions, or people parking in spots reserved for handicapped individuals. 

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Why Is Parking Lot Striping Important?

What are some benefits of parking lot striping? Parking lot striping determines the traffic flow and parking areas in a designated place for parking. Without visible stripes, the parking lot will quickly become a jumble of cars and confusion where drivers may not know how to get in or out, where to park, or what traffic flow to follow when driving around in search of a parking space. Proper striping also enhances the safety of a parking lot while improving its overall appeal. 

When a commercial facility provides a parking lot to its customers, that lot will often make an immediate impression on the people visiting it. If the lot is hard to navigate or has worn-out paint stripes, the customers may not stay long enough to visit the facility for which the parking lot serves. Maintaining the functionality, safety, and visual appeal of a parking lot is essential in all industries, and proper parking lot striping is the way to ensure that the area is safe and useable. Click here to read more about the importance of parking lot striping

Industries Served

Various industries rely on parking lot striping to provide safe and functional parking spaces to clients and customers. At NTS Concrete Repair, we work closely with businesses across many industries, including apartment complexes, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, and multifamily housing structures. Our technicians can perform parking lot striping to refresh the appearance of the lot and ensure that drivers know where to park safely.

If you have questions about parking lot striping or whether it’s time for a lot to get striped or re-striped, contact us today. We follow all rules, codes, and regulations to maintain an accessible and functional parking lot.