empty parking lot | parking lot striping

In the daily grind of running a business, a parking lot might be the last thing to consider. An unkempt parking lot can become a real mess and cause a business to lose money. NTS Contracting’s parking lot striping service is expertly done in no time. Let’s look at the 5 benefits of parking lot striping for a business. 

1. Safety

It is a business owner’s responsibility to maintain fire lanes, accessible parking areas, pedestrian crossings, and traffic direction arrows. If the parking lot is worn out and the lines are beginning to fade, the rest of the pavement might be in disrepair. Parking lot striping better tells drivers that pedestrians who are leaving the building are attempting to leave the parking lot and will be backing out or exiting spaces. 

NTS Contracting will ensure the parking lot striping, asphalt, and traffic directions stay fully visible as they begin to fade. Pavement striping improves parking conditions for not only a business’s customers but its employees as well. 

2. Maximizing Space

Defining clear areas to park will greatly increase the vehicle capacity of a parking lot. Poorly done stripes, faded stripes, or the lack of striping typically leads to the driver parking in whatever way is most convenient to them but not necessarily for the business, employees, or other customers. This often leads to massive space inefficiency, which means some customers won’t be able to park near the building. By hiring a company that carefully plans parking lot stripes, a business could maximize available space. 

3. Handicapped Access

The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA requires businesses to comply with handicapped access laws that include parking. A business owner must clearly designate what parking spaces are for disabled persons. These areas must be the most direct route to the building itself. Complying with the federal mandates means avoiding paying potential fines and penalties. Most importantly, these handicapped spots provide ample access for customers, employees, guests, and tenants to the business. 

4. Appearance

There is only get one chance to make a first impression. A company depends on attracting as many people as possible. The first thing most people see is the parking lot. If their first impression is a derelict parking lot, potential customers might turn away. Most people begin judging a business way before they enter the building.

5. Prevent Damage to Vehicles

Drivers often park inefficiently and too close once the parking lot lines have faded. Employees might find it difficult to find adequate parking during high traffic times of the day. When parking lines are clearly marked and spaced appropriately, drivers not only park straighter but often farther apart. When parking lot striping isn’t available, drivers often unknowingly park too close or park too far away to avoid damaging their vehicles. Using parking lot striping shows drivers how much room they have to work with and what an appropriate distance looks like. 

Contact NST Contractors for expert parking lot repair and striping today. These professionals make parking lots a safe, properly spaced area fully compliant with ADA standards.