speed bump

What is a speed bump? 

A speed bump is a small raised area in the road designed to reduce traffic speed. They are usually about 3 to 4 inches high and up to 3 feet in length. The bump will compel drivers to slow their speed to comfortably pass, increasing safety in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Speed bumps are often installed in residential areas and in parking lots. Some residential areas prefer speed humps, which are simply longer and are usually 12 to 14 feet wide.


Why are speed bumps important? 

Studies show that speed bumps alter driver behavior by increasing awareness and decreasing driving speed. These traffic-calming devices provide several benefits to drivers and pedestrians. The U.S. Department of Transportation states that speed bumps can reduce the speed of traffic and decrease the risk of automobile collisions. They also increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Installing these structures in parking lots of businesses or apartment complexes can improve the safety of the parking areas.

Different types of speed bumps 

There are several different types of speed bumps to consider. Asphalt speed bumps are constructed on site from hot asphalt. Concrete bumps are integrated into the existing pavement, and these are the most durable option. Speed humps are constructed out of asphalt or concrete and are generally used in residential areas These are permanent fixtures and aren’t moveable.

Prefabricated rubber or plastic speed bumps can attach to the ground surface with either anchors or adhesive. These are usually painted and often have black and yellow stripes. Rubber and plastic are both durable, long-lasting materials that don’t deteriorate quickly, but they may be more prone to becoming loose or theft since they aren’t integral to the ground surface like concrete or asphalt bumps.

Industries served

Speed bumps are an important safety feature of parking lots., but it’s very important for them to be correctly installed to reduce the risk of malfunction or detachment from the surface. The skilled technicians at NTS Contractors can help design, construct, and install speed bumps to improve the safety of parking areas. NTS Contractors works with businesses across many different industries including apartment complexes, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, and multifamily housing properties. 

The team at NTS Contractors can install speed bumps to protect the safety and security of clients, customers, and team members.  They offer a variety of other parking lot maintenance services including parking lot striping, concrete repairs, signage, and custom stenciling. Contact NTS today to set up a consultation with their expert team to get a quote on parking lot improvements.