pipe bollards

For those who don’t work in certain industries, the words “pipe bollards” have probably never crossed their mind. These pipes, however, are a lot more essential to street landscapes than most people realize. They often go unnoticed, but they are everywhere you look. They are used for a wide range of purposes.

Different Types of Pipe Bollards

A steel pipe bollard is a pipe filled with concrete and placed into the ground in front of buildings such as apartments, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, and multi-family housing. They are installed for a number of reasons, but the following purposes are the most common.


Pipe bollards are generally installed in front of business premises and housing for security purposes. Not only do they prevent the intrusion of cars into the front of the property, but they can also put a stop to potential burglaries and any security breaches. Many businesses choose to install bollards on the front of their premises for their effectiveness and safety benefits. Although ornamental features are often added to bollards to make them more visually appealing, they are most commonly used for security reasons — and they work extremely well for these purposes.


Pipe bollards are not used only for security reasons. In many cases, pipe bollards are installed to put boundaries in place and highlight any surrounding architecture. They can add a lot of character to a streetscape, which is why so many cities have it in abundance. Not only do pipe bollards look good, but they can also be points of reference for the visually impaired.


Pipe bollards are also used often to guide traffic and restrict vehicles to certain parts of the road. Without these instruments, cars and trucks might run on curbs to avoid gridlock or whimsically overtake other road users. The use of bollards to manage traffic — both vehicular and pedestrian — can help to reduce the number of accidents. This makes it a beneficial feature for many roads. For all your parking lot maintenance contact NTS Contractors.