concrete curbs and gutters construction

Curbs and gutters are often added when pouring concrete. These vital components serve multiple purposes and also complement the visual element of the completed project. As with everything human-made, these structures can lose their integrity. So understanding the damage that can occur to curbs and gutters, as well as what steps to take if damage does happen, can help those responsible for road maintenance to know what to do next. 

What is the function of the curb & gutter in road design?

Curbs and gutter is the phrase used to describe the raised and slanted sections of the edge of a road or parking lot. Curbs provide a visual barrier for the edge of the road and reinforce the pavement that is laid as the surface of the road. The edge of an asphalt or concrete slab is its weakest point, which means it is most susceptible to damage caused by the heavy vehicles that drive on it constantly. 

The weight of these vehicles can push the asphalt or concrete toward the dirt that surrounds it, causing the surface to crack and crumble. Water can then seep through these cracks, resulting in more significant damage. The gutter portion of curb and gutter creates a channel that directs moisture run-off into specified collection points, such as sewers and storm drains. Sitting water on the surface of an asphalt or concrete road can wreak havoc on the material, causing it to crack and separate. Proper moisture redirection is a must in order to protect the surface and maintain its longevity.

On a road, the curb and gutter maintain the flow of traffic and keep vehicles confined to the proper driving areas. The height of this raised concrete section prevents vehicle tires from going up and onto the walkways or private properties where structures are built. Curb and gutter are placed on residential properties as well, completing the look of paved sections and providing a more finished appearance. The phrase “curb appeal” refers to the way a home looks from the curb. 

The Importance of Curbs & Gutters

Structures across many industries include curbs and gutters in parking lots and driveways so people can access the buildings. Industries that build and maintain both public and private roads are also responsible for managing the condition of the curbs and gutters on those roads. Apartment complexes, restaurants, warehouses, industrial facilities, office buildings, and multi-family housing complexes can all include curbs and gutters on their properties, which means they may need assistance with maintaining these components of a roadway or parking lot.

Dealing with damage to the curb and gutter on a property is frustrating. Many property owners believe they must have the concrete torn out and replaced, but in many cases, curbs and gutters can be repaired. NTS Contractors is an experienced concrete contractor specializing in concrete repair. The technicians can assess the condition of damaged sections of concrete and perform repairs to smooth out the surface and make the curb and gutter more functional. Contact NTS Contractors to learn more about the concrete services offered or to request a cost estimate for repair service.